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Why Join DVJS?

  • YOUR Success is our success!
  • DVJS is a FREE service to YOU.
  • YOU are not just a number at DVJS.
  • Our staff are passionate and dedicated to get YOU employment.
  • Our offices operate FULL TIME...we job search daily for YOU.
  • No matter the type of disability YOU have, YOU can expect that the program YOU receive will be designed to assist YOU choose, obtain & keep the job of YOUR choice.

1. To help you in choosing a job we can.

  • Identify barriers to employment.
  • Set up work experience opportunities & "on the job" skill assessments.
  • Support you in making the right employment choices.

2. To help you get a job we can assist you by.

  • Preparing professional resumes & job applications.
  • Developing your job search skills & interview techniques via case management.
  • Setting up work experience opportunities with our employers.
  • Arranging job interviews on your behalf & supporting you at these, if needed.

3. To help you keep your job we provide.

  • Initial "on the job" training if required.
  • On-going support to you & the employer until it is no longer required.
  • Workplace modifications & equipment on your behalf if required.
  • Employment Incentives to your employer.

Why use DVJS?

Getting a job is not easy. Job searching should be done each day. Why not use a service that will work for & with you every day? Here are some reasons why we think DVJS would be of benefit to you.

  • DVJS is one of the most successful agencies of its kind. Our success and high standard of service is proven by the large number of job placements & job seeker referrals we get each year.
  • DVJS has been operating since 1993...our systems are tried and tested. We have assisted thousands of job seekers with a disability to get & keep employment matched to their skills, qualifications, education & interests.
  • DVJS staff are qualified & experienced in assisting people with disabilities obtain employment & are committed to helping you achieve your goals.
  • Due to our great reputation employers use & rely on DVJS to fill their job vacancies rather than advertise.
  • We provide a range of pre-employment activities to better prepare you for employment including work assessment, mock interviews & work experience placements.
  • Our Employment Consultants find employers who will understand & support your disability.
  • We provide employers with incentives for employing you such as arranging generous wage subsidies & funding for work place modifications on your behalf if required.
  • We provide you with work support to ensure that you can do your job well and that your employer is paying you correctly and providing a safe workplace.