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DVJS Privacy Policy & Statement

DVJS recognises that each user of its services has a right to; Privacy, Dignity & Confidentiality in all aspects of their life & that it is upheld & respected in the service delivery that DVJS provides to Participants, Employers & Community Stakeholders.

Collection & Storage of Personal Information

All information regarding Participants will be maintained in accordance with the principles of the Privacy Act (1988). All Participants will be informed of DVJS use of information during their registration, which will be discussed with them so that they are aware of how their information is used & secured.

Participants that withdraw from DVJS will have their information stored for 5 years & then deleted.

Participants will be informed as to the personal information DVJS requires from them to obtain employment. Participants will be asked to sign information release forms so that DVJS can contact relevant stakeholders for more information if required. This may include but not limited to; Medical Practitioners, Carers, Family, Schools, etc.

Information required is limited to only that which is relevant & necessary during the Participants engagement with DVJS which will assist DVJS provide appropriate program support to achieve meaningful employment.


DVJS will discuss with the Participant what is appropriate disclosure of their disability to potential employers. In circumstances where the Participant does not want their information passed on to employers, then DVJS will be unable to job search for them but will assist the Participant conduct their own job search independently.

Duty of Care

DVJS has a Duty of Care & must be responsible in its management of information that is disclosed. For employment positions that require WWC, Police Checks, Health Reports etc or if DVJS determines that the employer should be informed of certain information that the Participant would like withheld, then DVJS will discuss this matter with the Participant & inform them that DVJS must inform the employer of the potential risks that DVJS has become aware of.

Complaints concerning our Privacy Policy

All complaints under this policy will be treated seriously dealt with promptly in a confidential manner & may not be used to affect the provision of any services to the complainant.

Complaints under this policy are those that relate to collection of personal information or how it is collected, stored, used or disclosed. All staff undertakes training on privacy & the person receiving the complaint will attempt to resolve the complaint, forwarding information on actions taken to the Chief Executive Officer.

Complaints concerning the privacy practices or about how personal information is managed, may be forwarded at any time to the Chief Executive Officer.

Your Privacy

DVJS respects Participants privacy at all times. When processing their application we collect personal information for the primary purpose of providing a high level of customer service & ultimately, employment. We will use relevant information to inform employers who may have job opportunities or work experience available.

As we value your privacy we do not make your personal information available to other organizations without your explicit consent, & you have the right to gain access to your information at any time.

Staff Training

All staff will undergo in-house training on the Privacy Policy & our obligations, & all new staff will complete this training as an element of induction training. Staff training will be updated & completed by staff on an annual basis.

Please note that this Privacy Policy & Statement will be subject to regular review & updated as required.