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The most common question that all job seekers ask is...

"How long will it be before I get a job?"

The answer to this question is different for everyone depending on...
  • How keen you are to get a job?
  • The type of job you are looking for?
  • The number of job vacancies that exist in your area of interest?
  • How ready you are for employment?

Here are some brief comments from job seekers that have got work via DVJS:

“Since working I’m heaps better off than being on a pension, now I can afford to run a car & go out with friends without the worries of having enough money”.


Shopping Centre Maintenance

“Since joining DVJS I have been able to work with more confidence. The support I receive from my case manager & her understanding of my depression helps me enjoy my job & life in general”.


Office Receptionist

“Not long after joining DVJS my case manager helped me get a job I really wanted, the working conditions are great & I receive the training & support I needed to get the hang of things”.


Supermarket Deli Assistant

“Before I came to DVJS I never had steady work, now I’m working full time & feel more motivated about getting up each day to a job I enjoy”.


Furniture Assembler