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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. If I am studying, will DVJS still  look for work for me?

A. Yes. Your employment consultant will continue to look for work to fit around your study hours.


Q. What if my job ends, will DVJS help me find another one?

A. If your job ceases your employment consultant will commence looking for work for you again.


Q. If I am working but not in my ideal role will DVJS continue to keep looking for work on my behalf?

A. When you and your employment consultant start looking for work, you should communicate to him/her about the type of work that you are interested in. Your employment consultant will try to place you in this work. Please speak to your employment consultant about working preferences.


Q. What do I do if I am going on holidays and will be unable to attend work?

A. You need to inform your employer and DVJS as soon as you know the dates that you will be unavaliable and the date that you are intending on returning. If you are going overseas you will need to inform Centrelink of your departure and return date.


Q. If I am afraid to attend a job interview alone, who can come with me?

A. If you feel uneasy about attending an interview, your employment may be able to attend. Your employment consultant can also conduct mock interviews to assist you with preparing for an interview.

Q. What do I do if I am unwell and can not make it to work or my scheduled appointment with a DVJS Employment Consultant?

A. If for any reason you are not able to keep an appointment, you should notify us prior to you appointment so we can reschedule the appointment.  If you have missed an appointment, you need to contact us as soon as possible and explain why. Should you fail to do this you may be marked as non attendance and conciquently your benefits could be effected. You should also do this if you can’t do or haven’t done something your Employment Pathway Plansays you should do.

If you are unable to attend at your place of employment you need to inform DVJS before your start time. If you have been given a alternate telephone number (your employers number or you post placement support officer) you will need to inform them in due time before you expected start time. 


Q. If my medical condition becomes more restrictive, what do I do?

A. You will need to talk with your employment consultant about your restrictions.


Q. Who do I speak to if I have a complaint?

A. If you have a complaint please refer to the following document. DVJS Complaints

Q. If I start working, what happens to my Centrelink benefits? Will my benefits be cut?

A. Your benefits may or may not be effected by your working status depending on the hours you work each week and rate of pay. Your employment consultant is the best person to contact for more information.


Q. I do not drive, how do I access the worksite?

A. If you do not drive, you will need to organise your own method of transportation. this may be public transport or help from another person. Please visit the following link to access Victorian public transport timetables. Click here


Q. Is there any extra support when seeking an apprenticeship?

A. Yes. There is support through the Disabled Australian Wage Support scheme. Please click here to visit the following website for more information.


Q. Does DVJS inform Centrelink if I start working?

A. No. Once you start a job, YOU MUST NOTIFY CENTRELINK regardless of how much you earn or how long the job is for.

If your work hours or pay increases / reduces you must tell Centrelink so they can adjust your payments accordingly.

We all have heard the ‘horror stories’ of having to repay Centrelink money for overpayments. 

Don’t let this happen to you!  It is your responsibility not ours!


Q. What do I do with a incapacity certificate(medical certificate)?

A. If you have received a incapacity certificate you must present this to centerlink. Centerlink will then take all necessary steps for processing.


Q. Can I register with another Job Agency?

A. Yes you can register with another job agency as long as it is not a Disability Employment Service. You can not be registered with more than 1 DES (Disability Employment Service) at one time. If you gain work through another non DES agency you must inform us of your employment details. You must also notify us of other agencies that you have registered with.


Q. Do I get paid to go to a work trial?

A. Work trials are generally unpaid. Please contact you employment consultant about this.