Any person with a permanent disability is welcome to apply for DVJS program assistance. However, due to having a limit on the number or people we are funded to support there can be no guarantee that you will be offered a place on program as entry is initially determined by an external Employment Services Assessment (ESA't) & if we have vacancies available to accept more people.
There are a number of factors (listed below) that must be met in order to be offered a program. We encourage you to request a referral to DVJS from your local Centrelink office & they will determine if you are eligible or you are most welcome to contact DVJS on 1300 385 738 & ask to speak to one of our Community Liaison Team members who can discuss this matter with you.
To be eligible for DVJS assistance;
  • Must have a permanent disability & motivated to work at least 8 hours a week.
  • Must live within the Employment Services Area (ESA) that DVJS sites can access.
  • Capable & wanting to work in open employment.
  • Meet the entrance guidelines as assessed by the Job Capacity Assessors (Via Centrelink) & assessed as able to work at least 8 hours a week.
  • A work capacity of at least 8 hours a week & able to work up to benchmark hours determined during the JCA.
  • Unemployed or at risk of losing current employment due to a disability.
  • Minimum age 15 Maximum 65.
  • Cannot be receiving income support from providers other than Centrelink such as TAC or Work Cover.
  • Living in stable accommodation.
  • Cannot be registered with another Disability Employment Service (DES) or other government funded employment provider.

Priority Access
Eligible School leavers & people at risk of losing current employment due to disability.