DVJS Employment Solutions is an Australian not-for-profit DES ESS/DMS organization servicing job seekers with disability.

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DVJS is committed to ensuring it provides its users with a service delivery that meets the Disability Service Standards (DSS) as well as obtaining positive long-term employment outcomes for both our job seekers & their employers. To maintain certification against the DSS, DVJS is audited annually by independent assessors from SAI Global which includes the confidential & voluntary participation of our service users.


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Service Standards

1. Human Rights

2. Participation & Inclusion

3. Individual Outcomes

4. Feedback & Complaints

5. Service Access 

6. Service Management

General Policies

Disability Employment Strategy

Fraud Control Plan

Suicide Intervention Plan

OHS Policy

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National Standards for Disability

National Standards for Disability Booklet

National Standards for Disability Flyer