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Due to the uncertainty of COVID 19, DVJS services will be delivered in accordance with the advice given by the State Government. To ensure safety of everyone, DVJS has a COVID SAFE Plan which will be implemented by all staff, Participants and other people that attend our offices.

For a copy of our COVID SAFE Plan, click here

Stage 4

During Stage 4 restrictions, DVJS offices will be temporary closed until allowed to re-open. 

All staff will work remotely. All jobseeker appointments will be via telephone or video conferencing whilst Stage 4 restrictions are in place. Please do not attend the offices.

DVJS is not permitted to attend or transport jobseekers to job interviews during stage 4 (unless permitted work places).

Post Placement Support (PPS) can only be provided remotely...staff are not permitted to go to the site unless permitted work place).

Stage 3

Jobseekers will not be required to attend DVJS offices unless required to attend for job interviews or other  circumstances that cannot be avoided. 

Post Placement Support (PPS) will be provided face to face only when safe to do so.

Stage 2

Jobseekers may attend DVJS for face to face appointment but ensure...

  • Practicing social distancing of at least 1.5m and follow visible markings, to ensure distance is maintained.
  • If you are unwell or experiencing flu like symptoms, please do not attend the office as we can reschedule the appointment via telephone or video conference (Zoom, Skype etc).
  • No hand shaking or any physical contact of any kind.
  • You must scan the QR Code each time you visit DVJS.
  • Hand sanitizer at reception for you as you enter.
  • You will be required to have your temperature checked as you arrive. This is a very easy process...a temperature gun will quickly check your temperature and if you are over 37.8 degrees you will not be allowed entry & encouraged to see your doctor.
  • If you have a face-mask you MUST wear it.
  • Please do not bring anyone else with you to the office as space is limited. If you do need to bring someone, please call your Employment Consultant beforehand so we can prepare.

Our Post Placement Support Team (PPS) will continue to provide support to our workers & employers mainly via non-direct methods. Should PPS need to go on-site, they will ensure social distancing and respect each companies practices to ensure their workplaces remain COVID safe.

If you are experiencing difficulty or mental health concerns, please reach out to us.

Wishing everyone good health and stay safe.

Please find some important fact sheets;

Stand Down Fact Sheet

VECCI/ COVID-19 Employer Guide


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